The Founder Mr.P.S.Kathiresan is a retired headmaster from Tamilnadu govt. service once awarded 'Best Teacher' by both the Central Government and Tamilnadu state government has started 'Ritham Special School' with his son Mr.K.Venkataramanan's best effort.

Venkataramanan is basically a physiotherapist. Daily he used to see the mentally/physically challenged kids and the mental agony and the hardship the parents of such children face. He also come across the practical difficulties and inferiority complex of these children. In 2004 he came across P.David a MR+CP kid. The kid is really good in memorizing subject but not able to relate words and read it. Venkataramanan looked his positive ability and want to train him. But where and how? This question made him open Ritham Special school. Ritham started with 4kids in 2004. Now in the year of 2010 hundred students are benefiting. He is willing to educate as many children as he can.

Now Mr.Venkataramanan is holding 'The Principal' post of the Ritham special school.  





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