* Furniture for school:
The class is running with-out any furniture in 2008. But now 8 classes out of 14 is furnished with the help of philanthropist.   We sincerely plan to furnish our full school.

* Transport:
Students from nearby and even rural area, are currently coming by auto-rickshaw or with their own transport. So, We have purchased a Tata Ace Magic van by raising bank loan of Rs. 2,00,000/- , as this vital requirement could not wait indefinitely for collection of the entire cost through donations. The EMI for the loan is Rs 4627.77/month payable over 5 years. Thus assistance for 60 monthly EMIs is needed.
We are using this van ONLY to collect Rural area students. Still more students are interested to join our school but our single van can't accommodate all. So, we are in need of another mini van to transport the students safely to and from the school.

* Free medicine:
Most of the students either be a mentally challenged or CP are taking anti-epileptic drugs. It is an another burden to the poor parents. So, we have decided to give FREE medicine to the students through out the year.

* Vocational training and placement:
Willing to give a very good innovative vocational training so that they can earn well and lead the life independently.

* Free Residential school for severe mentally challenged/CP students:
Free Residential school is our biggest aim to serve the severe CP or mentally/physically challenged students. We planned to give very good rehabilitation.

* New spacious building for the school:
Existing school building is sufficient to hold upto 120 students. So, we are really in need of new spacious school building to accommodate the future students.

As, you know all these needs lot of money. We are looking for kind hearted people, well-wishers, philanthropists to extend their helping hand to support us either monetarily (please click here) or any suggestions/study material regarding advanced physiotherapy etc... please email us






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