Ritham Special School was started in 2004 with 4 students to cater the needs of special children in and around Rajapalayam, Tamilnadu, India. Over the years, the institution has grown from strength to strength and as on date, it is one of the most reputed special schools in this region. The school is currently having strength of more than 100 children with 24 staff members.

Children attending the school are mostly from economically backward families. Many were not getting adequate attention to their problems from the family because of the ignorance of the parents. They are usually mild to severe affected children. We see the kids as people with rights, who must be extended the facilities available to other kids. Whatever talent they have must be given a chance to blossom. The children show remarkable improvement in all aspects after started attending the school.

The education and training of these children differs a lot from that of normal children. Their syllabus has to include self-dependence, etiquettes, conversation, everyday activities etc. While chalking out their syllabus their level of I.Q. and behavioral problems have to be considered. Their home environment is also required to be weighed while chalking out the syllabus. Since there is no safe method to teach these children, each child is a class by himself requiring special attention. It is truly a Herculean task to inculcate self-independence among the mentally retarded children.

We closely work with the community and educate their parents about the child rights issue, government schemes for the special children etc.. We give much concentration on the gender issue and educate the female children and their parents about the maturity and menstrual hygiene and how to safeguard them from sexual abuse.

Our GOAL is to prevent children from being a burden to their families and educate them to be able to support themselves. To pull the children away from social hatred and protect them from neglecting eyes of their own family. We build confidence and give them some recognition in the society. To make them aware of their inherent abilities, skills and talents and help them realize the importance of supporting themselves. To train them in various skills thereby aid them in being self-reliable and support themselves. Planning to improve our vocational training thus by giving employment opportunity for the students. This will give them the adequate money and enormous confidence to live independently.




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